Bully Challenge

So I’m sure everyone has gone through a time when they were bullied. Maybe by a kid in the classroom, an old group of friends, or online. People never stand up to these bullies, and if they do it’s retaliation and doesn’t do anything but makes matters worse.

I am a victim of bullying. The same people who have been bullying me have now bullied friends of mine. I’ve spent days crying in my room scared of what they’ll say about me or do to me next. Words hurt, and I’m sure a lot of you know that.

I have an idea to stand up to my bullies, and i wanna start it on tumblr because i want you amazingly strong people to stand up to your bullies too.

Relating to words my bullies have been saying to my friends and i, and encouraged by mean girls to make this not mean back. I wanna get “kicked out of the group” trending. I don’t want to hurt these bullies, or even have people hate them. I wanna show them that people are affected by what they say, not just the people they say it to either.

Think about it, when you’re hurt and miserable and depressed it hurts your family, friends, and now affects your followers on social media cause they get annoyed thinking it’s bullshit.

Please help me stand up to these people, tumblr i know you can do this. I’m not just asking for my friends and i, I’m asking for yourself. For your friends, for all the innocent lives that are taken each year because of bullies.

You can reblog or like this. But I’m asking you to exceed that, post your thoughts about bullying, post how you’ve been affected or how people you know have been affected. Let’s make a peaceful movement.
Because if being in the group means having to hurt or belittle someone, do you really wanna be in it?